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Wire Wrapped Crystal Bangle Bracelet

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These crystal-wrapped bangles are the perfect addition to your daily jewelry line-up, with a touch of healing energy. Descriptions of each crystal's properties are below! Choose the ones that speak to you and what you need most, and add to cart, because healing is cute.

  • Copper bangle wrapped with natural crystals
  • 2.5in diameter and 5.4in inner circumference
  • BLACK TOURMALINE: stone of protection against psychic attacks and electromagnetic frequencies that carries a grounding energy.
  • AMETHYST: most commonly associated with the crown chakra, our higher self, and helpful in enhancing your spiritual awareness.
  • ROSE QUARTZ: symbolic of love of self and others, one of the highest vibrations, this stone is related to the heart chakra and also symbolizes forgiveness of self and others.