About Us

About Shooting Starz Shopette

Shooting Starz Shopette started in northern Virginia as a down-to-earth brand for unique and custom home and fashion items and accessories, with a corresponding blog featuring product tips, store news, travel and book recommendations, and other topics of interest. The shop's products are diverse, inspired by a variety of experiences and perspectives including travel, music, wellness, and military life. The mission of Shooting Starz Shopette is to encourage satisfaction and happiness in all things around you, from your personal style expressions to your home. Shooting Starz Shopette has traveled around the DMV area, Raleigh and Atlanta for in-person shopping events, with more cities coming soon. 

Shooting Starz Shopette derives its name from two things. The first part of the name represents a special meteoric event that occurs each year in mid-August: the period of the shooting stars. For us, shooting stars represent potential and brilliance along this journey of life. They also symbolize big changes and positive manifestation. Incidentally, these meteor showers peak on August 12, our founder’s birthday. The second part of our name comes from our founder's military brat background, and is a twist on the good ole Shoppette, convenience stores found throughout military installations. As such, Shooting Starz Shopette is military friendly, offering a 10% military discount at all times.

About Our Founder

My name is Desirée, and I am honored that you are visiting Shooting Starz Shopette.
The idea for the Shooting Starz Shopette website came from notes I started writing while living in NYC, with ideas and hopes for more satisfaction outside of my day job. These notes continued throughout my time overseas with the Foreign Service and finally culminated in action after finding myself struggling to find a sense of direction upon my return to the States, and facing multiple personal battles.

I grew up overseas as a military brat, between two cultures of my own and others in which I was placed. My interests are as varied as my background, and many of them are reflected here. What I've learned is that everyone is on a different journey, one that should be lived fully, with the satisfaction of recognizing what you have accomplished, gratitude for what you have, and excitement for what's to come. Shooting Starz Shopette is for people from a variety of experiences and walks of life, and my goal is for you to leave happy that you came. 

Welcome to Shooting Starz Shopette.